Review & Preview Your South Towns Travels drive thru

Plan & Preview a Western NY Southtowns Scenic Byway

Plan & Preview a Western NY Southtowns Scenic Byway

Map your way to one great Travel day (or 2)

Motor a "Scenic-Byway" designated by the U.S. federal government, promoted by NYS, and supported by our local merchants.

Plan your adventure following our suggested routes
•Say "Hello" to our local merchants
•Savor our valley views on the roads of our ridges
•Attend our special events
•Span all Four(4)Seasons

Approach your launch from any direction. Your stops are the same. It's merely the order of your experience and the direction of your travels.
•Download your "scavenger hunt map " to begin the journey
•See if you qualify for a special reward upon successful completion
•Best of all, each merchant has a special offer for the day
•Make your journey more engaging, interesting, and fun
•Stay overnight to heighten your bliss

March your way to expand your day
•Hike our Rails to Trails
•Broaden your views
•Build your stamina

Connect with us to "stay in the loop" and "in the know"